A Review Of Healthy, Weight Loss Diets

Dieting is one vital way by which you can reduce weight. There are many diets for weight loss and you need to choose the right one that works best for your taste and lifestyle. Experts from weight loss clinic fort lauderdale, believe that no diet is perfect for everyone. The diet you think suits you will be the one you can follow for the long term. You will find the complete review of the top 20 myths about nutrition and diet. Some of the popular weight reduction diets are Dukan diet, vegan diet, paleo diet, low carb diet, Atkins diet, Ultra low-fat diet, zone diet, HCG diet and intermittent fasting.

The paleo diet is the diet of our ancestors who existed before the advent of agriculture. The emphasis is on eating lean protein, whole foods, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. The diet does not include processed food, grains, dairy, and sugar. It is a low carb, high protein diet. Paleo diet results in a significant reduction of weight and waist size. It reduces risks from heart diseases, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. Dairy products, legumes and whole grains are eliminated from this diet which is nutritious and healthy.

A vegan diet eliminates all animal products which includes meat, egg, dairy, honey, wheat, gelatin, albumin, casein, and vitamin D3. A stricter version of being vegetarian, vegan diet is low in fat and has high fibre which will make you full for a longer period. It can effectively reduce weight and keep you on the healthy side of the body mass index. Since meat is animal food is eliminated, a strict vegan diet will be low in vitamin D, B12, calcium, iron, iodine, and omega 3 fatty acids. A low carb diet is a popular weight loss diet followed for several decades. It simply limits your daily carbohydrates intake to a few grams. The main aim of the diet is to force your body to burn more fat for energy. Low carb diets will reduce major health risks but some people will experience an increase in LDL cholesterol.

The Dukan diet is similar to a low carb, high protein diet that is split into 4 phases. Each phase has a diet pattern. The length of each phase is based on how much weight you want to lose. It starts with a high protein diet, followed by mandatory oats bran, non-starchy vegetables, carbohydrates and fat. The ultra low-fat diet will limit your fat intake to 10% of your daily calories. It is a plant-based diet that limits the consumption of animal foods. This duet is effective in combating obesity.

Atkins is a popular low carb diet for weight loss. It is again split into four phases. The first phase starts with eating less than 20 grams of carbs each day for two weeks. The rest of the phase will gradually introduce healthy carbohydrates into your diet. The HCG diet is an extreme diet that causes rapid weight loss. The zone diet is a low glycaemic diet. Intermittent fasting cycles between the long fasting period and less eating period in a day, non-consecutive days or 2 days a week.

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